Balancing My Productivity Expectations with the Reality of My Meetings

Blue weaving opf poplar trees on white fabric

What’s on my to-do list this week? Post 2 (no, 3) art exhibits to the website. Edit and post a new Local History story on the League of Women Voters, from our Center for Local History (CLH). Cover a cool author event. Edit and post new staff picks. Get The Lit Up Ball – our […]

Challenging Myself to Blog EVERY Day

I spend so much time writing for work, that I’m terrible about blogging for myself. So I’m going to challenge myself to write one blog post a month this November, and maybe in the process I’ll figure out how to write something useful, yet short and manageable on a more regular basis. Today’s Library to-do […]

Short musing on making stuff, or, Thank Goodness I went to Art School

One of the things I learned in grad school was to look at every potentially “produced” sculpture as a draft. This allows me to evaluate what does and does not work, which elements tell the story I’m trying to tell, and which detract from it, or get in the way. And one of the dangers […]

“member” vs “customer”

I love this idea of making library users into library members: “Sometimes the switch from using “customer” to using something warmer is too ridiculous to swallow. I will never, no matter how many times I am referred to as one, feel like a “guest” at Target. But I think it possible that a customer who […]

Garth Nix had the right idea….

lirael cover

I’m increasingly convinced that if Librarians and Library staff carried swords – and knew how to use them – the whole Library profession would be taken a lot more seriously. Swords send the immediate visual message that the information and services we provide are valuable, and that we are willing to fight to protect your […]