Balancing My Productivity Expectations with the Reality of My Meetings

Blue weaving opf poplar trees on white fabric

What’s on my to-do list this week? Post 2 (no, 3) art exhibits to the website. Edit and post a new Local History story on the League of Women Voters, from our Center for Local History (CLH). Cover a cool author event. Edit and post new staff picks. Get The Lit Up Ball – our […]

#OhBoyTolstoy – Or, We Made a Podcast

Caricature portrait of Leo Tolstoy

This Summer I, and 3 librarian colleagues from the Arlington Public Library, set off on a multi-layered, virtual book club project called “The Big Book Club: Oh Boy, Tolstoy!“ The librarians’ goal, along with the 200+ people who registered to join us, was to read “War and Peace.” My goal was to successfully run a […]

I’m Presenting at the Library Marketing and Communications Conference in November!

Purple box with hashtag #LMCC18 inside

I’m pretty excited to report that Stephanie Petruso (of Anne Arundel County Public Library) and I will be presenting a session on Building Strong Social Media Communications Teams at this year’s Library Marketing and Communications Conference, which takes place November 14-15 in St. Louis. Our session description is: As social media becomes a ubiquitous form […]

Meetup and Libraries – 2017 Update

A few weeks ago, I received a comment on a 2013 post, in which I described exploring Meetup to promote a library program called Book Dating. Deb Kauffman wrote, “Hi! I was wondering how successful using Meetup was for your event? I clicked the link above to see your Meetup page and it said it […]

Why Tweets on Your Library Twitter Account Need Context

As libraries, we tweet about so many different things: books, craft programs, website features, author events, maker workshops, and much more. In fact, my library’s twitter account uses the description, “Library, Literary & Local stuff” to warn folks about the breadth of our tweets. But while our followers expect tweets about a wide variety of […]

Internet Librarian 2015 – Sessions Sneak Peek

In 2 weeks I head to the Internet Librarian conference in Monterrey CA, so I’ve been getting my slides ready. This will be my first IL conference and I’m excited to meet West Coast folks who don’t travel East to Computers in Libraries – especial if you want to talk about libraries and social media […]

Computers in Libraries 2015 – Panel Discussion

The annual Computers in Libraries conference starts next Monday in Washington DC, and on Tuesday I’m leading a panel discussion on “Social Media & Community Engagement.” The description is: “A strong online community can help strengthen a library‚Äôs in-person community and contribute to community resilience in times of stress. But how do you develop this? […]

Short Video on Design Thinking

I didn’t do the production on this, but I did write the script and created a lot of the graphics. As a follow up, the Washington Post recently wrote an article about the programs that have come out of this Design Thinking process.

Respect the Book Drop, or How a 13 Year Old Taught Me to Make Vines

In January I started asking my friend’s 13 year old about Vine. I have a Vine account, but I hadn’t played with it much, or gotten very far yet in thinking about how the Library might use it. So I asked Spencer to show me who he follows, and the videos he makes. Looking at […]

New PSA Video for

Kate, our College and Career librarian, does a great job of making the product sound awesome:   We filmed at the Central Library’s 2nd floor Help Desk, using the field kit from Arlington Independent Media (AIM). This was the first time we’d filmed against such a complicated background, and I kind of love the way […]