Balancing My Productivity Expectations with the Reality of My Meetings

Blue weaving opf poplar trees on white fabric

“Blueweave” – a series of very cool weavings by local artist Rita Cohen, showing now at one of our branch libraries. It makes me feel calm.

What’s on my to-do list this week?

  • Post 2 (no, 3) art exhibits to the website.
  • Edit and post a new Local History story on the League of Women Voters, from our Center for Local History (CLH).
  • Cover a cool author event.
  • Edit and post new staff picks.
  • Get The Lit Up Ball – our really big fancy dress event – on the calendar, so that the Friends of the Library can start selling tickets.
  • Post our (newish) regular Thursday archives post, in coordination with the Arabeth the Digital Archivist, from the CLH.


At first I didn’t think that was a very big to-do list. But then I looked at my list of meetings this week, and I had to reset my expectations about how much I might realistically be able to get done.


This week I have meetings with:

  • One person I’m mentoring, and another person that I’m onboarding for social media.
  • My team – the Web Team.
  • The Summer Reading team.
  • The Lit Up team (the folks running the above-mentioned Lit Up Ball).
  • My boss, for my annual performance review.
  • My collections partner – this is the person who works in Collections Development, with whom I do ongoing collections projects.

So, yeah, if I can get all of that done, I’ll be really happy.

But realistically? It’s almost 10:30, and I haven’t even finished reading my email yet. So…. It’s going to be a long week.


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