#OhBoyTolstoy – Or, We Made a Podcast

Caricature portrait of Leo Tolstoy

This Summer I, and 3 librarian colleagues from the Arlington Public Library, set off on a multi-layered, virtual book club project called “The Big Book Club: Oh Boy, Tolstoy!“ The librarians’ goal, along with the 200+ people who registered to join us, was to read “War and Peace.” My goal was to successfully run a […]

Meetup and Libraries – 2017 Update

A few weeks ago, I received a comment on a 2013 post, in which I described exploring Meetup to promote a library program called Book Dating. Deb Kauffman wrote, “Hi! I was wondering how successful using Meetup was for your event? I clicked the link above to see your Meetup page and it said it […]

Is Facebook Still Worth the Effort?

My library has been using Facebook since about 2008. But if I was trying to decide today whether to set up a FB page, and specifically whether the ROI would be worth my effort, I’d have a hard time deciding that it is. For a long time I felt strongly that it offered great opportunities […]

NOLA to New York (and NJ)

In my exploration of tumblr as a useful media platform, NOLA to New York is my favorite find of the day. It exemplifies of one of the best uses for tumblr – info-sharing that can then be shared to a much wider audience. And it’s just a really good project in general. “Alvin had a […]

Will Sandy Bring New Purpose to Tumblr?

As post-Hurricane Sandy chaos and recovery continue, tumblr suddenly seems useful in a way that it never has before. Fitting the Message to the Medium In 2008, although I had played around with twitter, I didn’t yet get it’s usefulness. But then in November 2008, the Orange County Register used twitter to aggregate eyewitness and […]