Challenging Myself to Blog EVERY Day

I spend so much time writing for work, that I’m terrible about blogging for myself. So I’m going to challenge myself to write one blog post a month this November, and maybe in the process I’ll figure out how to write something useful, yet short and manageable on a more regular basis.

Today’s Library to-do list


  • A short piece on the anti-domestic violence t-shirts on display a several of our branches
  • Finish and post this week’s collection spotlight on Leadership / Presidents
  • Write a wrap-up post about the girl scouts who have been working on their Gold Awards by doing cool gardening and rain water barrel projects at the Library (and oh my goodness, this one is way overdue)

Email / Strategist

  • I need to write a really thoughtful marketing/strategy reply to several people from around the County, who are working together on a project called the Gorilla Stitch Brigade.


  • I promised one of my coworkers a video about the Library by this week. It’s going to be pictures with a voice over and text, and I really need to get her the 1st draft ASAP.


  • Weekly Email. This is normally something my boss and I work on together, but she’d been on Jury Duty for the last week, and the hurricane pushed everything back, so I am WAY behind on this week’s installment.


  • But first I need more coffee.

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