New PSA Video for

Kate, our College and Career librarian, does a great job of making the product sound awesome:


We filmed at the Central Library’s 2nd floor Help Desk, using the field kit from Arlington Independent Media (AIM). This was the first time we’d filmed against such a complicated background, and I kind of love the way the depth of field works. We also added a straw gel to the back light, to help Kate stand out better from the background, which makes everything much warmer than in our previous videos – but I think we didn’t iris the camera down quite far enough, causing a bit too much hot-spotting on her left side.

I edited the video at AIM, using Adobe Premier. Between filming and product launch, several of the details changed regarding how patrons would use the service, so I ended up having to cut quite a lot of Kate’s text (thus causing all the jump cuts).

Arlington Public Library blog post announcing

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