Computers in Libraries 2015 – Panel Discussion

CIL15_Hearme_ButtonThe annual Computers in Libraries conference starts next Monday in Washington DC, and on Tuesday I’m leading a panel discussion on “Social Media & Community Engagement.”

The description is:

“A strong online community can help strengthen a library’s in-person community and contribute to community resilience in times of stress. But how do you develop this? The answer is as varied as there are kinds of libraries. This panel of experienced social media folks, from a variety of academic and public libraries, shares how they develop, run, and troubleshoot their libraries’ online communities.”

I’ve never met most of the people who I asked to be on the panel, so I should be nervous. But I do know them professionally through a FaceBook group called “Libraries & Social Media,” so I feel like I do actually know them.

Group shot

I plan to take video, so that will go up late next week.


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