Internet Librarian 2015 – Sessions Sneak Peek

Internet Librarian banner

In 2 weeks I head to the Internet Librarian conference in Monterrey CA, so I’ve been getting my slides ready.

This will be my first IL conference and I’m excited to meet West Coast folks who don’t travel East to Computers in Libraries – especial if you want to talk about libraries and social media and building community.

I’m leading a Sunday workshop with Rudy Leon and Kevin Smith, called Social Media & Community Engagement. We’ll talk about using your library’s social media to connect with your community in ways that help create (buzz word alert) community resilience in times of trouble. The pre-conference workshops are not part of regular registration, so make sure to sign up!


On Tuesday, I’m doing my own session on Creating Your Web Content Work Group. Whether you’ve yet to do this, or have established a solid content-creation group, I would love for you to join me and share your experience and/or questions.


And on Wednesday I’m participating in a panel on Innovation in Libraries, along with David Lee King, Rudy Leon and Brian Pichman. No slides yet, but it should be cool. David and his staff are great at taking big and inspiring leaps forward, Rudy has academic library ideas that I like to steal, and Brian is a guy who see that things could be done better or differently and figures out how to make it happen.

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