Welcome to the Web Team

There have been a lot of changes at work the last two weeks…

I’ve been official moved from Reference to the Web Team. This is HUGE. Except that it really isn’t very different, since I was already doing all the work I’ll be doing as part of the web team. And I’ll still be working at the Ref desk, plus the Youth Services desk, Circulation and AV. But now I get to be officially what I already made myself, and that just feels good.

It also feels good to know that when I go through reclassification (hopefully 6-12 months from now), I’m in a much better place to get reclassified to a Coms Specialist, which basically describes the work I’m doing.

The Web Team celebrated my addition with jokes about how much coffee I drink, a gas leak that closed the Library for several hours, and lunch at Elevation Burger.

A rundown of the work I’m doing now:

Video – Oh, so much video. After several years of thinking about how to use video to help promote the Library, we suddenly have really fun, creative ideas spilling out our ears.

We created a video for National Library Card Month, staring our Library Director, and paying homage to Steve Jobs. It’s not quite done yet, but we needed to get it up before the end of the month:

I just finished a series of short videos for Banned Books Week, called Free to Read. They correspond with a selection of books we labeled with QR codes and put on display. We soft-launched Friday, and go big on Monday.  This is one of the series, with Jim (one of my coworkers) and me, talk about reading “A Clockwork Orange.”

I finished the second “I Am Arlintgon Public Library” video at least a month ago, and have shot the next one in the series, but had to backburner those while we dealt with Banned Books Week. This is the second video, and I’m quite pleased with it:
[youtube: http://youtu.be/PK5Ur28mDUg%5D

There’s more, but I have to go be a parent now.

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