Finalized demo video: I am Arlington Public Library – Nico

We’ve reframed the video for Nico’s specialty, which is teen services: Quick slides: In a World full of Questions…. “Where are the vampire books?” “Do you have CliffsNotes for Othello” “When does the new Rick Riordan book come out?” “Do you have practice SAT tests?” “How do I resize a photo I want to print?” […]

Questions Need Information Professionals

2nd draft of the video. It’s been recut in Microsoft Movie Maker, and has a new title and ending. We still need to reshoot the actual footage.

Got Librarians?

This is the first draft for a new series of videos I’m making for my library, called “Got Librarians?”: “Got Librarians? 1st Draft – Sorry I can’t embed it yet. Notes so far: I need to reshoot Nico – we were pressed for time and the framing is bad – and to shoot her around […]