NOLA to New York (and NJ)

In my exploration of tumblr as a useful media platform, NOLA to New York is my favorite find of the day. It exemplifies of one of the best uses for tumblr – info-sharing that can then be shared to a much wider audience. And it’s just a really good project in general.

Page 5 of NOLA to New York on tumblr, created by Journalist Andy Kopsa, current New York resident and former NOLA resident.

“Alvin had a home in Mid City.  It was his mother’s place.  He evacuated to Baton Rouge the day before the storm.  When he finally came back, the water receded and the watermark was halfway up the first floor wall; his roof, partially torn off, had let in the rain.  Alvin wishes they could have kept the property in the family but the federal program Road Home offered them less than it was worth but with his mother aging, they had to sell.  He can’t watch too much of the Sandy coverage because of his memories of Katrina.

Alvin came from the West Bank, where he now lives, to participate in NOLA to New York.”

Read more on NOLA to New York.

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